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April 8, 2007
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Everything about him was vicious. His fighting, his fucking, his eating... Itachi noticed the last one when Leader-sama had Hidan and Kakuzu plundered a supplies caravan that was heading to the Sunagakure, their loot winding up to be lots of water, food, and clothing. The clothing had been given to Deidara, who immediately tore up half of it, resculpted it into something fashionable, then sold everything for a grand donation to Leader-sama's cause.

Itachi was more interested in the water and food - mainly water. He was getting tired of refiltered water he had to force down with a teaspoon of sugar or a lump of lemon in his glass to cover the chemical taste.

The food, on the other hand, was enjoyed by all. Dinner was somewhat less of a havoc after Zetsu's initial claim to the living survivors Hidan had all-too cheerfully deposited at the schizo's doorstep. Even Leader-sama had made an appearance with his fellow shadowy companion at the table. Itachi had fallen into the dusty use of table manners, even going so far as to relax the Sharingan in the evening.

Kisame, on the other hand, showed a side of him that only Itachi knew in bed from him - no one else was allowed the luxury of knowing how painfully sweet those teeth were when they were in one's skin. Itachi smiled to himself as he silently, secretly, observed everyone at the table.

Deidara ate like a teenager, alternating between stuffing his face and talking. Kakuzu was meticulous about his food, separating peas from meat and potatoes from salad. Hidan was odd as ever, stabbing his food to a near unrecognizable mush before devouring it. Itachi found Tobi interesting, the way his fork disappeared beneath his mask and reappeared empty. It was... cute.

Kisame, though... he devoured. He did not eat, more to the effect of inhaled. Itachi set a cool eye to his shark-skinned friend, watching as Kisame payed no attention to any of Deidara's banter or even the sound of Hidan demanding there be more salt on the table. Kisame was apparently either very hungry or he just didn't think... Itachi felt a tremor of arousal meander through his body. Alright, he thought, this was rediculous.

No man right in his mind would get turned on watching someone eat.

Kisame didn't notice, though, thankfully, grunting quietly as he wolfed down an entire leg of chicken sans bone in about ten seconds. He was even eating greens tonight, Itachi noticed, watching leaves of lettuce, coins of cucumber, snips of carrot and dices of celery disappear into that serrated mouth.

He stayed away from the tomatoes, though. Itachi smiled, thinking of someone who was opposite - one who liked tomatoes.

"Nngh, 'tachi-san, plz p's teh pepper."

Snapping out of his trance, Itachi managed to regain some semblance of the refined ninja he was, reaching over and handing Kisame the pepper. Kisame gulped down whatever poor piece of meat he had been knawing on before smiling at his friend. Itachi's mouth twitched slightly, giving Kisame the barest of hidden smiles before it was covered in the action of enjoying a piece of sushi.

Itachi knew Kisame could eat pretty much anything pushed his way, as well as any of the other Akatsuki. Except one meal that Kisame savored only on his own and Itachi was proud to know just what it was.

Itachi himself.
I have no idea what brought this on. I think I was thinking about steak. Being stationed in a desolate place makes you think about all the good food you're missing and malnourishment that takes place.

But whatever. ItaKisa is sheer sharky love. ^_^


And Itachi will soon be having Kisame's baaaaaabies.

Kishimoto is the maaan
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